Friday, February 20, 2009

Snow Day!

Asher in his long johns so excited to go play in the snow! Because he had been so sick this was his first time this year!

"Um Mom... I cant put my arms down!" hahaha!

Asher finding out the snow is yummy to eat!

Playin with Mama in the snow.

Sledding with Dad in our front yard! We went looking for a sled and a hill and found neither so we used one of our boogie wave boards and man made our own hill!

King of the hill! What a fun day!


Michelle said...

How cute! It's so much fun seeing Colby play out in the snow. I bet you guys had a blast. Asher is such a cute little guy!

Wade and Heather said...

Cute you are such a cute family!

Morgan, Chris, and Cairi said...

You always get the cutest pics of Ash! I love em. We're gonna have to come try out your man made snow hill! lol.