Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ode to the halfpipe

Well brians best friend jonny went on a mission to africa, so brian did something very sad... he took down their halfpipe that was in our garage. But no worries, they say when jonny gets back their gonna build a bigger, radder, sweeter one!


The Steele family said...

Hey how are you doing I found your blog and wanted to say hello.

Ben and Stacy Hoeksel said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog! It's always nice to hear from an old friend. Your little guy sure looks cute.
Our blog's going private so if you want an invite send us your email.

The Hoeksels

Morgan, Chris, and Cairi said...

Fairwell halfpipe! You shall be missed :(

Mila Family said...

pretty cool. It's nice to hear form you, it's been so long. I love the name Asher we are actually going to use that name if we have a boy someday. I like your dark hair, it is so cute.

Charity said...

So yeah, I so loved the movie that I could see it again and again and again....{You get my point!} Anyway, that is so funny we both went to the midnight showings, but didn't say anything to each other! {lol:)} We need to go again!!! And one other thing...EDWARD IS THE BEST! GO TEAM EDWARD!