Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our family steps to decorating for Christmas...

First you eat some CHEEZY pizza

Hang up the stockings that arent on your feet-za

Then you put some lights on your house

Stuff the tree in the car next to Asher Faust

Dad sets up the tree oh so nice

Mom makes crazy faces for sugar and spice

Untangle the lights from high above

Take a family picture filled with laughter and love

THE END (a cute one id say)!


Kandice said...

I love Asher 'lil head stand at the head and playing with the lights - way fun!

Wade and Heather said...

Hooray you updated your blog!! Your tree is fabulous

Morgan, Chris, and Cairi said...

Brit!! I was crackin up the whole way through! It looks like you guys had so much fun! :D Can we have a holiday get together soon? We miss you guys!

And here's a little something I cooked up for you...

Brit, Brian and Asher are the coolest friends,
They keep me laughing til the very end,
We miss them so much our little hearts ache,
So lets hang out soon for it will surely be great!

Kirsche & Luke said...

Asher rocks! Those pictures are the coolest. He is so adorable eating the pizza, look at that face...and the lights around cute!!